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map about morphology

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  1. MORPHEME: smallest independent unit of language
    1. WORD:a unit of language consisting in one or more spoken sounds or their writing representation.
        1. AFIXXATION
          1. Prefix: change the meaning of the word
            1. Suffix: change the category or part of the speech
            2. DERIVATION: a new word is created, the way that we change from verbs to noun. e.g.,N= happiness (v=happy - Affix= ness)
              1. COMPOUNDING MULTI WORDS UNIT : is the creation of new words of several existing ones in which independent words can occur. e.g., blackboard (adj.+ noun), underarm (prep.+noun).
                1. Compound words are not limited to two words, multi word units,e.g, sail boat, sail boat rigging, sail boat rigging design.
                  1. compound words are written as a single word or as a hyphenated, justas adj. not a non. e.g. ape-man
                    1. noun+noun= chain smoker
                      1. adj.+noun= blackboard
                        1. prep.+ noun= underarm
                          1. verb+noun= go-cart
                            1. adj.+adj.= icy-cold
                              1. noun+adj = skin deep
                              2. WORD STRUCTURE: two kinds of morphemes
                                1. Simple: we can not divide the word. (e.g., boy, hospital)
                                  1. Complex: morpheme and suffix from noun comes to a verb. (e.g., hospitalization hospital = morpheme, iza-ation = suffix,
                                  2. OTHER WORD FORMATION PROCESS
                                    1. Blending: combining to separate forms, to produce a new single one. (e.g., emoticon = emotion+ icon
                                      1. Clipping: a word of more than one syllable is reduced to a shorter form. (e.g., doctor - doc).
                                        1. Backformation: a reduction process to form another word of a different type ( reduction noun to verb). e.g., ( babysit - baby sitter).
                                          1. Conversion: no changes in the function of a word.(e.g., They bottle the milk - bottle=n and bottle= verb).
                                            1. noun to verb (e.g., access - to access
                                              1. verb to noun (e.g., guess - a guess).
                                                1. Phrasal verb to noun(e.g., take over - a take over)
                                                  1. Adj. to verb (e.g. clean - to clean).
                                                  2. Acronyms: A word formen from the initial letters of a set of the other words. (e.g., ONU, OTAN FMI).
                                                  3. Additional formations
                                                    1. Coinage: in the invention of a new words. (e.g., aspirin, zipper).
                                                      1. Borrowing: it is a word or a phrase adopted from a language into another. (e.g., cultura - culture).
                                                        1. Inflection: are modifier words in order to to mark grammatical subclasses, does not create a new words.
                                                          1. single - plural
                                                            1. normal verb - third person
                                                              1. present - pass
                                                                1. normal verb - gerund
                                                                  1. comparative ( er)
                                                                    1. superlative (est)
                                                              2. Productivity feature
                                                                1. Lexical part - word formation
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