Approaches to language teaching

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Approaches to language teaching.

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Approaches to language teaching
  1. Content-based approach
    1. Ss learn English through its use for learning another subjects.
      1. English is taught trough communication rather than for communication.
        1. Is a form of immersion in the target language.
          1. Principles
            1. When learners perceive the relevance of their language use, they are motivated to learn.
              1. The T 'scaffolds' the linguistics content by helping learners to complete what they want to say.
                1. Ss learn vocabulary through contextual clues.
                  1. The competence includes reading, discussing and writing.
                2. Functional approach
                  1. The use of the language rather than on the form.
                    1. Learners should be taught to use English in real contexs and situations.
                      1. English for Specific Purpose courses are a clear example of function-based teaching.
                        1. Principles
                          1. Communication is more important than accuracy.
                            1. There is more than one way to say things.
                              1. English is taught using real-life situactions and examples.
                              2. Common language functions
                                1. Suggestions.
                                  1. Advice.
                                    1. Phone calls.
                                      1. Asking for and offering help.
                                    2. Communicative approach
                                      1. Principles
                                        1. Goal: To enable Ss to communicate in the target language.
                                          1. The T has the responsibility to establish situations likely to produce communication.
                                            1. Classroom activities include games, role plays and music.
                                              1. Student-centered.
                                                1. Errors of form are tolerated during fluency-based activities.
                                              2. Competence approach
                                                1. What learners become competent at when they have learned the language.
                                                  1. Focus the teaching on what learners need to be able to show at the end of the teaching porcess.
                                                    1. Evaluation will focus on looking at evidences of language ability.
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