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similarities and differences


here it is. was kind of stuck for what too add and couldnt think of anything else
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similarities and differences
  1. BASS
    1. contains 32 different towns
      1. 864 square kilometres
        1. population of 31, 600
          1. population density of 0.37
          2. infastructure not as good due to the greater size
            1. mainly older residents
              1. penguins
              2. MELBOURNE
                1. contains 1 city
                  1. .2 square kilometres
                    1. population of 29, 000
                      1. population density of 12, 400
                      2. has a higher average income
                        1. has an amazing infastrucure
                          1. has a range when it comes too resident age
                            1. more public services and entertainment
                            2. history
                              1. Both had major ties too the mining industry Melbourne with gold and bass shire with coal
                              2. Both partially rely on tourism
                                1. located on victorias southern coast
                                  1. both have seen large growth in terms of population and economy
                                    1. Both are situated on mainly flat land with no real hills or mountains
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