Rectilinear Motion

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Rectilinear Motion from AS-Level Physics

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Rectilinear Motion
  1. Rectilinear Motion is motion along a straight path.
    1. Equations
      1. s = vt
        1. a = (v - u) / t
          1. v = u + at
            1. s = 1/2 * t (u + v)
              1. s= ut + 1/2 * at^2
                1. v^2 = u^2 + 2as
                2. Definitions
                  1. Instantaneous Velocity - The velocity of an object in an instant.
                    1. Average Velocity - Distance travelled divided by time.
                      1. Acceleration is change in velocity over time.
                      2. Every object accelerates downwards (on Earth) at 9.81ms^-2
                        1. Remember SUVAT!
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