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Society's Perception of Divorced Women


Analysis of Society's Perception of Divorced Women.
Safeya Mohamed
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Safeya Mohamed
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Society's Perception of Divorced Women
  1. Facts
    1. 40% of married women are divorced
      1. 270 Families are divorced per day
        1. 1 Divorce is filed every 6 minutes
          1. 1/3 of marriages get divorced in the first year
            1. 80% thought divorced women are mistreated
              1. Egyptian Law has been criticized by Human Rights Watch for its differing form of initiating divorce for men and women, and for the "Obedience Law"
              2. Consequences
                1. Women were found to be twice as likely as Men to feel ashamed after divorce
                  1. 46% of those who do divorce feel they face daily judgment from people because their marriage failed
                    1. Most Common reasons people stayed in an unhappy marriage were because of concerns over their children and finance
                      1. Society blames women for the failure of marriage
                        1. Society perceve divorced woman as someone else's leftovers
                          1. Family and Relatives rejection
                          2. Reasons
                            1. Existence of a Husband gives a Woman respect
                              1. Men think that women are responsible for working out the relationship and marriage stability
                                1. A Woman's rule in life is to be married and a house wife.
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