Property Analyst

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Property Analyst
  1. Service Charge Budgets
    1. Drafting
      1. Budget vs actual
        1. Send to Surveyor
          1. figures agreed
            1. creation of client pack
              1. Send to Client
        2. Estimated expenditure
          1. Send to RFM
            1. Commentary
              1. Figures finalised
        3. Budget approved by Client
          1. Fees raised
            1. Budget loaded on system
              1. Service charge billed to Tenants
        4. Reporting
          1. Monthly Client Report
            1. Leases to be made live
              1. Leases no charges being demanded
                1. Tenants in Breach
                  1. Lease surrender
                2. Holding over
                  1. inside the L&T Act
                    1. Tenancy at will
                    2. Rent Review
                    3. External Queries
                      1. Clients
                        1. Tenants
                          1. Solicitors
                          2. Internal Queries
                            1. Surveyors
                              1. RFM
                                1. Accounts
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