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  1. British Empire & Commonwealth
    1. mid-eighteen century
      1. British Empire covered a large proportion of the globe
        1. most colonies are independent after WW2
          1. most immigrants from UK are Indian, African, Oceania, Carribean
            1. new legalisation to change the heavy immigrationtrend
              1. immigrants needed a job before they arrived, to passes special skills or someone for the "lower needs"
              2. since Irish Independence
                1. immigrants have come as asylum seekers, seeking protection as refugees
                  1. want to have the British citizenship
                    1. want to have work
                      1. they come from the Republic of Ireland and from the former colonies and territories of the British Empire
                      2. WorldWar2 & Post-War
                        1. if the people belong to minorities persecured under Nazirule → they tried to migrate to Britain (50000)
                          1. The UK recruited people as European volunteer workers to industries that were required in order to aid economic recovery
                            1. indians began arriving shortly after their country gained independence
                              1. Hungarian revolution: many Hungarians immigrated
                              2. Contemporary immigration
                                1. civil war in Somalia
                                  1. reunite with family & friends
                                    1. immigrants from Somalia, Netherlands, Scandinavia
                                    2. European union
                                      1. right of free movement
                                        1. since 2004: UK accepted immigrants from Central- & EastEuropa
                                          1. 1,5 mil. People migrated until 2009, UK's nationals increased by 700.000
                                            1. 2009: migrants were younger and better educated
                                            2. managed migration
                                              1. most part: legal labor & students
                                                1. managed by the UK Border Agency
                                                  1. 2006: the migration-system was changed
                                                    1. the new-points-based-system is compared of five tiers
                                                    2. June 2010: the conversative-liberal coalition government bought in for immigrants outside the EU a 24.100 limit
                                                      1. new law: all immigrants have to learn english, British history, culture & tradition
                                                        1. allow unlimited immigrants → negative influence on the wage
                                                        2. Ethnic diversity
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