What Academic Writing Taught Me

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What Academic Writing on Malmö Högskola taught me 2015.

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What Academic Writing Taught Me
1 Writing is such a powerful tool
1.1 How you write changes your credibility
1.1.1 PATHOS is always your best friend, when you know how to use it.
2 I will never use "like" again!
2.1 I am constantly learning
2.1.1 Writing is always a process
2.2 English is much more than just a language
3 The use of informal and formal English
3.1 My spoken English has been influenced by my formal writing.
4.1 Very helpful when seeing how one instruction can be interpreted in so many ways
4.2 Is a tool to help me grow as a writer
4.2.1 Revising my text is great for my process Different eyes see different meanings in a text = the text is a connotation of one's past experiences
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