Project Management Final

Melissa Gonzalez
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Melissa Gonzalez
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Project Management Final
  1. Collaborative work
    1. ASANA
      1. Fast and Responsive
    2. Scheduling
      1. ASANA
        1. Calender
          1. Accessible for every team member
          2. Storage
            1. UNLIMITED
                1. Form Of Communication
                  1. Team Conversations
                    1. Make announcements
                      1. Share Information and Ideas
                        1. Set Tasks
                          1. Get Notifications and reminders for tasks
                          2. Talk directly to one individual
                        2. Allows Up To 15 Members
                          1. Provides a high-level view on teams' process
                        3. 30GB
                          1. GOOGLE DRIVE
                        4. Sharing and Uploading files
                          1. GOOGLE DRIVE
                            1. Upload Files
                              1. Create Documents
                                1. Share folders
                                  1. Create Presentations
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