Separate Peace

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Separate Peace
  1. injury
    1. How does injury affect your ability to play sports
      1. How does an emotional or mental injury affect your performance?
      2. friendship
        1. jealousy
          1. Do your friendships affect your lifestyle?
          2. competition
            1. How does competition affect sports?
              1. How does competition affect your relationships?
              2. wwii
                1. How did the war impact the way people dealt with one another?
                2. public school vs. boarding school
                    1. grades
                      1. sports
                        1. language/diversity
                          1. seniors are being drafted
                            1. How does language affect your relaitonships?
                          2. How do grades affect what college you are able to attend?
                            1. How do grades affect your social life?
                          3. How does the pressure of public school compare to boarding school
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