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Analysing Teacher Education


A review into the effect of quality teaching on the delivery of the PESSCL strategy
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Analysing Teacher Education


  1. PESSCL Strategy
    1. 2 Hours Of 'High Quality ' PE per week
      1. 25% to 86% (School Sport Survey, 2006)
        1. However does this constitute success?
          1. Is it possible to improve the quality of PE without sufficient teacher education?
            1. Armour (2006)
              1. Day (1999)
                1. Ofsted Report into PESSCL (2005)
                  1. Feedback from Teachers was not specific enough
                    1. Teachers lacked knowledge and confidence
                      1. Lesson were not challenging or educational
                        1. Would this be accepted in other subject areas?
                          1. Standard of teaching had improved since last assessment
                            1. Some signs of quality teaching, although rare
                              1. Responsibiltiy on Teachers
                                1. Culpan (1997)
                                  1. Teachers or Authorites
                                    1. Providing 'quality' PE relies on having 'quality' teachers
              2. PESSCL(2005) What defines quality PE?
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