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Our customer acquisition


Our customer acquisition
Nadya Paleyes
Mind Map by Nadya Paleyes, updated more than 1 year ago
Nadya Paleyes
Created by Nadya Paleyes over 6 years ago

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Our customer acquisition
  1. Type 1 customers: patients that can help us test the product at development stage
    1. How can we reach them:
      1. Through uni activities at the hospitals?
        1. Medical research programs?
          1. Parkinson UK events
            1. Volunteering with them?
            2. Social media with info that relatives are looking for?
              1. Anything else?
              2. How will they make decision on whether to help us?
                1. Personal impression in a meeting
                  1. ? How to get more people to a meeting?Is it efficient?
                  2. Read more about us on the website
                    1. AND see the opportunity that catches with them.
                      1. OR believe in project
                        1. AND the process of participation is clear for them and is not too much hustle
                    2. Task #1: Get the tremor data (5-10 people enough?)
                      1. Task #2: Test prototype on patients
                      2. Type 2 customers: early-adopters for the product
                        1. Major ?: Value prop is not clear before we test the product and get feedback
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