Martin Luther 3 pamphlets 1520-1521

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Th threat of excommunication and 3 pamphlets

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Martin Luther 3 pamphlets 1520-1521
  1. January Case opens against Luther in Rome
    1. February Pope Leo appoints commission to prepare case against Luther
      1. IEck arrives in Rome to draft Papal bull of excommunication
        1. June Papal Bull issued he needs to recant or seek pardon within 60 days . Eck and Aleander appointed to distribute in Germany
          1. August - Luther publishes 1st pamphlet addressed to Christian nobility
            1. September papal bull published in Germany 60 days begin
              1. Luther publishes 2nd pamphlet ; On the babylonish captivity of the church
              2. November Fredrick the wise meets Charkes V and papal representative in Cologne; he refuses to hand over Luther
                1. Luther publishes third pamphlet; Liberty of a Christian man
                2. December Luther burns the papal bull
                  1. January 1521 Luther's excommunication is formally announced in Rome by the papa; bull Decet Romanum Pontifecem
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