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origins of psychology - Wilhelm Wundt


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origins of psychology - Wilhelm Wundt
  1. belief that all aspects of nature including human mind could be studied scientifically
    1. best way to study human behaviour was to break down behaviours such as sensations into their basic elements
      1. introspection
        1. the process by which a person gains knowledge about his or her own menatal and emotional states as a result of the examination or observation of their conscious thoughts and feelings
          1. Highly trained assistants would be given a stimulus such as a ticking metronome and would reflect on the experience. They would report what the stimulus made them think and feel. The same stimulus, physical surroundings and instructions were given to each person.
            1. they were then asked to provide a decription of their inner thoughts and feelings
              1. this made it possible to compare different participants reports in response to the same stimuli
                1. establish general theories about perception and other mental processes.
      2. first person to call himself a psychologist
        1. strengths
          1. It is an easy and simple method and provides direct observation of mental processes
            1. By other scientific methods, the mental processes cannot be directly observed since those are purely private and personal experiences.
              1. Introspection is the only method by which the person can be directly aware of their own experiences
          2. weaknesses
            1. unreliable
              1. unconscious experiences cannot be accessed through introspection.
                1. lacks reliably reproducile
                2. it relied on non-observable responses
                3. it isn't accurate
                  1. Nisbett and Wilson's
                    1. little knowledge of the course of behaviour
                      1. unaware of factors that influence eg stereotypes
                        1. a person might be implicitly racist
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