Online learning

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This is online learning

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Online learning
  1. Volunteer training
    1. Moodle online and blended modules
      1. Issues
        1. Articulate storyline
          1. Hosting on Moodle (CPL)
          2. Certificate on completion
            1. Access
              1. Record of completion
                1. Link to VRS
                  1. Updating to latest version of Moodle
                    1. Location of induction module
                  2. Lync virtual classrooms/webinars
                    1. Issues
                      1. Record of completion
                        1. Access to Lync
                      2. VRS induction
                        1. Issues
                          1. Where does it fit?
                            1. Adding a new page
                        2. CPD study days
                          1. Moodle online study days/blended learning
                            1. Issues
                              1. registering all NCTPs and enrolling them on individual courses (self enrollment?)
                                1. Linking to study day system
                              2. Lync virtual classrooms/webinars
                                1. Issues
                                  1. Link to the study day system
                              3. UoW/Tutors
                                1. Moodle blended learning
                                  1. Issues
                                    1. Tutor training
                                  2. Lync virtual classrooms
                                    1. Issues
                                      1. Tutor training
                                    2. N Drive
                                      1. Issues
                                        1. Tutor access
                                    3. Future ideas
                                      1. Direct to parents
                                        1. Information giving 'modules'
                                          1. workshop webinars
                                          2. Healthcare professionals
                                            1. Online CPD modules
                                              1. Blended learning modules
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