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b) Movement and position


AQA GCSE section 1 forces and motion
Dani Southall
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Dani Southall
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b) Movement and position
  1. How to plot a distance time graph
    1. Time always along the bottom (t)
      1. Displacement up the side (m/km) (d)
          1. Distance/time=V
        2. Average speed = Distance moved/Tiem taken
          1. Experiment to investigate the motion of everyday objects
            1. Examples: Ball rolling down tilted board. Test for how far it rolled in how many seconds.
              1. Do twice and find a mean
            2. Acceleration = Change in velocity/Time taken
              1. a = (v - u)/t
                1. change in velocity = final velocity - original velocity
                2. How to plot velocity time graphs
                  1. Time is always along the bottom (t)
                    1. Speed up the side (m/s) (v)
                      1. GRADIENT = ACCELERATION
                        1. Acceleration from the gradient
                          1. Example (vertical axis) 20m/s & (horizontal axis) 5 seconds. SO acceleration = 20/5 = 4m/s2 (don't forget the squared)
                        2. AREA = DISTANCE TRAVELLED
                          1. v * t = d
                        3. Units - kg, m, m/s, m/s2, N,s, N/kg, kgm/s
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