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Believing in God


section one believing in God
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Believing in God
  1. Religious Upbringing
    1. Main features of Christian Upbringing
      1. christian parents will have their children baptised
        1. may send their children to Church school
        2. teach children to believe in God
          1. teach their children to pray
          2. how this may lead to belief in God
            1. they will spend most of their time with people who believe in God
              1. Taught by teachers in Sunday school
                1. and parents
                  1. seeing parents taking their time to pray
            2. Religious Experience
              1. when people feel Gods presence
                1. Miracles
                  1. an event that seems to break the laws of science
                    1. can only be explained by God
                  2. numinous
                    1. when someone is in a place and they may be filled with the awareness that there is something greater than them
                      1. which they feel to be God
                    2. answered prayers
                      1. contact with god-he must exist
                    3. design argument
                      1. universe seems to be designed
                        1. anything that is designed must have a designer
                          1. Designer must be god.
                      2. Causation Argument
                        1. everything seems to have a cause including universe
                          1. only possible cause of the universe is God
                        2. Why scientific explanations of the world may lead to atheism
                          1. Big Bang
                            1. reasonable scientific explanations
                              1. science can explain universe with out the idea of God
                                1. How religion responds to this
                                  1. accept scientific explanations but believe god created universe through the Big Bang
                                2. Why unanswered prayers may lead to atheism
                                  1. not feeling God's presence leads to doubt
                                    1. If prayers are unanswered does god know you exist?
                                      1. How religion responds to this
                                        1. God cannot answer selfish prayers
                                          1. answers all other prayers but not in the way people expect
                                            1. answer has to fit with all his other plans for you.
                                        2. why evil and suffering may lead to atheism
                                          1. If god was all-good and powerful he would no create evil + suffering
                                            1. powerful god would get rid of suffering
                                            2. How Religion responds to evil = suffering
                                              1. pray for those who suffer
                                                1. help those who suffer
                                                2. claim evil and suffering are a part o the test to prepare people for heaven
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