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Plastics and Polymers


Plastics and Polymers
Billie Juniper
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Billie Juniper
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Plastics and Polymers
  1. Plastics
    1. Most are Man-made
      1. Synthetic Plastics
        1. Made from
          1. Crude oil
            1. When refined gasses are given off
              1. Broken down into monomers
                1. Chemical substances consisting of a single molecule
                  1. Thousands are linked together in a process called Polymerisation to form new compounds called POLYMERS
            2. Natural Gases
          2. Taken place of metal and wood
            1. Differ from other materials due to size of molecules
              1. Plastics contain thousands of molecules
                1. Macromolecules
                2. Some are derived from natural substances
                  1. Made from
                    1. Animals
                      1. Insects
                        1. Plants
                    2. Polymers
                      1. Meaning many monomers
                        1. Also known as Macromolecules or Large-Sized Molecules
                        2. Usually organic but not necessarily
                          1. Can be made up of thousands of monomers
                            1. Polymerisation
                              1. Chemical Process
                                1. Combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compound
                                  1. With the aid of a catalyst to start the reaction
                              2. A Monomer in a molecule that is able to bond in long chains
                                1. Polyethylene
                                  1. Most popular in the world
                                    1. Uses
                                      1. Grocery bags
                                        1. Shampoo bottles
                                          1. Toys
                                            1. Bullet proof vests
                                            2. Properties
                                              1. Simple Structure
                                                1. Long chain of carbon atoms with 2 hydrogen atoms attached to each carbon atom
                                                2. Versatile
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