How does an understanding of each of these forces help to improve our lives?

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How does an understanding of each of these forces help to improve our lives?
1 Gravity
1.1 The knowledge of gravity helps us to live ur life because inventors can make entertaining things like a trampoline, knowing that we will come back to earth. Because of gravity, we also do not have the complications of floating around space, like we would if there was no gravity (such as on other planets).
2 Air Resistance
2.1 Knowledge of air resistance has lead to many new inventions that help or entertain us in our lives.
2.1.1 The invention of Aeroplanes relies on air resistance. This was a significant invention, as it changed the way we travel.
2.1.2 Many of our high adrenaline outdoor activities such as sky diving, hot air balloon rides, paragliding and parasailing were invented on the knowledge of air resistance to entertain us.
3 Friction
3.1 The concept of friction has allowed the development of new safety features.
3.1.1 Car tyres have special grips which causes friction between the surface of the road and the car tyre. This is a safety feature because it prevents the car from slipping in rainy or snowy conditions. It can also help the driver break sooner.
4 Magnetic Force
4.1 Magnetic Forces have been used to create a compass, which helps us to navigate our way.
4.2 Magnetic forces are used in the creation of batteries. Batteries are significant inventory that help us to generate electricity for many purposes.
4.3 Magnetic forces are used for medical imaging. This allows us to take Xrays or ultrasounds of the body, which is a huge progression as it has allowed us to see inside the body for medical purposes.
5 Newton's Law of Inertia
5.1 Discoveries using Newton's law of inertia has improved our safety such as with the invention of seat belts. Without seat belts, there would be many more deaths on the roads. Seat belts prevent us from jolting, based on the knowledge that objects at rest will stay at rest.
6 Newton's Law of Acceleration
6.1 The Law of Acceleration has improve the way perform in sports
6.1.1 For example newtons law of Acceleration has taught us that having a lighter cox and boat is beneficial because the boat moves faster.
6.1.2 Race car manufacturers have also applied this theory in race car to enable the car to go faster
7 Newton's law of action and Recation
7.1 Car manufactures have used their knowledge of this theory to produce cars with crumple zones. Crumple zones absorb the force of another car in a crash to reduce the reaction motion. This is a signicant safty solution that has saved many lives
8 Force
8.1 Through experiences as babies, we gradually become aware of forces and discover how to apply and modify them. For example we are not born knowing how to pick up a water bottle but eventually, through experience we learn about forces and how to correctly use them in our life.

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