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exposicion de ingles

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  1. transport
    1. There will be automated cars that drive themselves
      1. We will travel through tubes capsules
        1. there will be an elevator that reaches into space
    2. education
      1. teachers virtually dictate classes
        1. universities and there will be more schools
          1. There will be flying school routes
      2. security
        1. THERE WILL BE NO keys and the doors will open to the voice
          1. There will be no theft as they will have to call the police cameras
            1. There will be robots guards against theft
        2. technology
          1. cell will be inserted in our skin as a device
            1. There will be screens on all sides touch
              1. the language of other countries will be understood by means ofa dipositive
          2. health
            1. there will be a robot doctor
              1. pills that heal exactly where there is pain
                1. There will be the cure for all diseases
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