Internet 4

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Internet 4
1 Key terms
1.1 Network – A group of computers which are connected together by communication channels and which have the capability of sending and/or receiving information between them.
1.2 Protocol – Communications protocol is a set of rules which allows a computer system to connect with a different system to transfer data.
1.3 Ethernet – An Ethernet cable is used to connect a user to a network.
1.4 Bandwidth – Is a way of measuring how much data can be carried over a network.
1.5 Bit – Is the amount of data transferred within a unit of time (i.e. bits per second).
2 Bandwidth is a measure of the available capacity of a network (to carry data) measured in bits per second
3 The transmission rate is a measure of the number of pieces of information that have been transferred during a specific time period, usually also measured in bits per second. A high bandwidth means more information can be carried in a given time, so a higher transmission rate is achieved. Insufficient bandwidth can result in websites and servers appearing to run very slowly
4 Bandwidth and transmission rate

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