Double Page Spread Article Plan

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Double Page Spread Plan

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Double Page Spread Article Plan
1 Image
1.1 Medium shot
1.2 Straight on angle
1.3 Centre - left
1.4 Costume
1.4.1 Red shirt opened
1.4.2 Ripped blue/black jeans
1.4.3 Dark make-up (red lips, brown eyes)
1.4.4 Black top underneath shirt
1.5 Where?
1.5.1 In front of brick wall
1.5.2 In forest
1.5.3 In front of wooden fence
1.6 Body Language
1.6.1 Folded arms
1.6.2 Closed
1.6.3 Indirect address
1.6.4 Looking right towards writing
1.7 Riley Divanee
2 Article
2.1 Title Ideas
2.1.1 The Reincarnation of Riley Divanee
2.1.2 The Rebirth of Riley Divanee
2.1.3 Reborn: Riley Divanee
2.1.4 Round 2: Riley Divanee
2.1.5 Back For More: Riley Divanee
2.2 Topic
2.2.1 Recent split from band RDLM
2.2.2 What she is going to do next
2.2.3 Release of her new album
2.2.4 Tours/gigs planned
2.3 Font
2.3.1 Quotes in italics/different colour
2.3.2 Bold headline
2.3.3 Writing and questions in different colours
2.3.4 Questions in bold
2.4 Style
2.4.1 Interview
2.4.2 Lexis to suit reading ability of audience
2.5 Layout
2.5.1 Questions and answers
2.5.2 Image on left
2.5.3 Writing on right
2.5.4 Quote on image
2.5.5 3 columns for writing
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