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internship opportunities at Fife Elite Football Academy

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1 intern
1.1 football scientist
1.1.1 Professional football Abroad England Scotland Raith Rovers Airdrie Dunfermline Partick Thistle Scotland Squads
1.1.2 testing expertise technology speed gates heart rate intensity Peak height velocity adult stature injury prevention GPS
1.2 Sports education
1.2.1 Degree Postgraduate Doctorate Lecturer in university publish research Collaborations Snowsports trip Lecturing placement Erasmus plus work abroad Study abroad professional career and future teaching coaching college lecturing Run own business fitness health sport children populations adults sports management sports science sport & physical activity physical education Sports coaching Physiotherapist
2.1 stay competitive
2.1.1 prioritise develop your brand reliable trustworthy Integrity professional ambitious
3 conference presentation
3.1 World congress in soccer
3.1.1 Football and science SFA demonstration
4 Visits and Network
4.1 Wolves FC
4.1.1 Borussia Dortmund Man City
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