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Mind map of the movement called "Romanticism" based on the web page:
Monse Rios
Mind Map by Monse Rios, updated more than 1 year ago
Monse Rios
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  1. It's
    1. A revolution in the way of thinking and seeing the world since
      1. "Middle Ages" (Brians, 1998)
        1. Starts in
          1. 18th Century
            1. With
              1. Some people started to believe that literature that was less prestigious was in some ways better than the one from knowledgeable folk.
                1. An example
                  1. Shakespeare's works
                    1. Shakespeare revolutionized writing dramas in both frames and structures, his work served as inspiration for other arts
      2. Improvement
        1. "Gothic Romance" (Brians, 1998)
          1. Mixing fiction, horror, death and romance. Literature like:
            1. Influenced
              1. Novels illusion where fairies, witches and angels appear, among others
                1. And...
                  1. The implementation of strong feelings such as fear and sweetest feelings in the "writings of Jean-Jacques Rosseau" (Brians, 1998)
            2. "Exotic" (Brians, 1998)
              1. This type of literature was exposed mainly by Lord Byron in his work "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage" (Brians, 1998)
              2. "Nature" (Brians, 1998)
                1. During this movement, people began to enjoy more of nature and with regard to this
                  1. "Rousseau is an important figure. He loved to go for long walks, climb mountains, and generally "commune with nature." His last work is called Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire (Reveries of a Solitary Walker)" (Brians, 1998)
                2. "Individualism" (Brians, 1998)
                  1. The most representative in terms of individualism in this movement is a military man, whose name was Napoleon Bonaparte
                  2. "Like the Enlightenment, Romanticism calls forth numerous counter-movements, like Realism, Impressionism, Neo-classicism, etc.; but like the Enlightenment, it also keeps on going. Changes the definition of what it means to be human" (Brians, 1998)
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