Chapter 2-OSI Model

Joshua Snider
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Mind Map on Chapter 2-OSI Model, created by Joshua Snider on 11/28/2013.

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Joshua Snider
Created by Joshua Snider almost 6 years ago
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Chapter 2-OSI Model
1 Application Layer
1.1 Presentation Layer
1.1.1 Session Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Data Link Layer Physical Layer The actual "wire". Data called bits DEVICES: ethernet cable, IR signals, hubs, extenders Media Access Control Gives the physical MAC addresses Logical Link Control ID's network layer protocols and encapsulating DEVICES: Bridges, Switches. Data called frames IP/network addressing. Data called packets DEVICES: Routers Chooses TCP or UDP and responsible for reliable delivery of UDP. Data called Segments Syn, Syn/Ack, Ack Flow Control Windowing Acknowledgements Sets up the conversation between the two hosts. Responsible for keeping different applications' data separate. Data called PDU
1.1.2 Prepares data to be properly formatted for presentation. Also, compression and encryption. Data called PDU
1.2 Evaluates if resources are available and allocates if they are. Data called Protocol Data Unit (PDU)

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