Liquid modernity

Anais Piñol
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Anais Piñol
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Mind map sobre la modernidad liquida

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Liquid modernity
  1. New tecnologies
    1. Information
      1. Fake, hard to believe
        1. Entertainment
          1. Emancipation
            1. "information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment"
            2. Consumer societies
              1. Marketing
                1. "cocktail of news headlines, advertisements"
                2. Over-working
                  1. Capitalism
                    1. "men and woman has been to embrace new communications technologies seemingly because of their basic marketing promise"
                    2. Waste of time
                      1. Multi-tasking
                        1. Hurried lives
                          1. Digital seconds
                            1. "perception of time has become so acutely accelerated that we live in a series of fleeting, episodic moments"
                            2. "most people are able to cram in even more by 'multi-tasking', effectively, using two or more technological devices at once"
                            3. Relationships
                              1. Less face-to-face contact
                                1. "we spend much of our waking lives interacting with digital screens"
                                2. Fake profile of us
                                  1. "people 'like' the self that we are now promoting"
                                  2. Socially absent
                                    1. "losing themselves in the flow of electronic signals from their technological devices"
                                    2. LAT (Living Apart Together)
                                      1. Interpassivity
                                        1. "we are running the risk of losing basic social skills"
                                        2. Easily distracted
                                          1. "incapable of paying attention to books or articles"
                                          2. "relationships are vital to health and well-being, people are getting lonelier"
                                          3. "to 'connect people' and to 'save time'"
                                          4. "an age of both chances and dangers"
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