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Pygmalion in the school


Lecture six
Anais Piñol
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Anais Piñol
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Pygmalion in the school
  1. Variables
    1. Age
      1. "An organism can be shaped, molded or influenced" Scott (1962)
      2. Ability
        1. "There are only modest correlations between initial intellectual status and changes in intellectual status" Thordike (1966)
        2. Minority group status
          1. "Disadvantaged almost means minority group"
          2. Sex
            1. "Teachers are females, so the influence in ladys interest us most"
          3. Intellectual growth
            1. Expectancy advantage
              1. by grades
                1. control group gained over weight IQ points, the experimental over twelve
                  1. the experiments are good for the two groups
                2. by Tracks and Sex
                  1. "Girls showed a slightly greater advantage than boys"
                    1. The ones in the lower grades gained more IQ, because they are more malleable
                  2. by Minority-Groups Status
                    1. "Children of the minority groups were more advantaged"
                3. Discussion
                  1. Six interpretations
                    1. "Experiment were more effective with younger children because they are easier to change"
                      1. "Younger children within a given school have less well-established reputations"
                        1. "Young children are believed by teachers to be more malleable"
                          1. "Young children are more sensitive, and teachers communicate their expectations by the way she looks, postures and touches"
                            1. "Teachers' expectations were more effective in the lower grade"
                              1. "The greater IQ gain in younger children attributable to teacher expectation in a result of sampling of teachers"
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