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English Phonology and Phonetics


English phonetics
Viviana Marcela  Mora Osorio
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Viviana Marcela  Mora Osorio
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English Phonology and Phonetics
  1. Phonetics
    1. The physical manifestation of language
    2. Phonology
      1. Phonemes
        1. Smallest unit of sound that makes a difference to meaning
          1. Allophone
            1. Voiceless stop
              1. Unaspirated
                1. Aspirated
                2. Any of the different forms f phoneme
              2. The mental representation of sounds
                1. Are classified into
                  1. Segmental
                    1. suprasegmental
                  2. Articulators above the larynx
                    1. vowel
                      1. Short
                        1. Long
                          1. Diphtong
                          2. Varieties of English pronunciation
                                1. Voicing and consonants
                                  1. Intonation
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