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Ireland's approaches to school readiness


Education system in Ireland
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Ireland's approaches to school readiness
  1. Early Years provision and their curriculum
    1. The curriculum that Ireland use in eary years which is from brith to six years is Aistear. This curriculum is similar to the curriculum in the UK however they have slightly different principles and themes to the UK's.


      1. in primary school they have a curriculum from the age of seven to the age of twelve their aims focus more on the child's society and the childs education and scoiety however they still look at the childs uniqueness like the UK. This curriculum is called curaclam na Bunscoile


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        1. in Ireland it is compulsory for children in primary school to learn the Irish language which is Gaelic they also teach the language in nursery but it is not compulsory in nursery to be taught.
    2. what areas of development are considered important?
      1. There are four main areas that primary schools in Ireland they consider important these areas include: -listening -speaking -reading and -writing. in schools they emphasize the importance of children having the skills to be able to listen and speak in Early years (junior and infants) and then in middle classes in primary school they work on the development of a childs reading and writing and this allows a childs expressive language skills to be developed by all four developmental areas.
      2. what age do children start school?
        1. in ireland most children start school at the age of 4 or 5 however it is legal for children to start school at 6 but they must start their formal education by this age.


          1. Children do not finish primary school until the age of twelve.
        2. Research how many children meet the required standards for Literacy and Numeracy when they leave primary school
          1. From the pie charts they show that children on average do better in reading then they did in Numeracy by the time they leave school
          2. Partnership working with parents
            1. In Ireland it is fundamental that there is parent partnership in schools, parents are encouraged to come and look at their children's work and also help their children with their development within the school. practitioners in schools share the curriculum with parents so that parents know what areas are important for their child to develop so that the parent's can help their child develop these areas at home aswell as at school
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