The Count Project

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Literature project

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The Count Project
1 Presentation date: 16th November
2 Cover: Title, Name, Year, Course, School logo and name.
3.1 Do some research about one real great escape and include:
3.1.1 PICTURES Prison Prisoners
3.1.2 A piece of news (a newspaper article) related to the escape. Look it up online!
3.1.3 Related films / series / books (if any)
3.1.4 The format of all the information should be the following: Name of prisoner(s) Why were they in prison? Name of prison Date of escape How did the prisoners leave their cells? How did the prisoners leave the prison? How did they stop the guards noticing their escape? Did all the prisoners escape? Where was the prison? Were the prisoners ever found?
4 2. 10 Questions you would ask Edmond Dantés if you had the chance
5 3. ALTERNATE ENDING: if you had to create a different ending, what would you change? Write a different ending between 12-15 lines.
6 4. Write about ONE of the following topics relating them to the story. Use the questions below to guide you. You MUST include at least TWO quotes from the story to support your writing. Relate the topic to the series "Revenge". 200 words.
6.1.1 How does Edmond revenge his enemies? Who are his enemies? Which are his disguises? What's the price he has to pay? Which are the effects on him and on other people? Does it bring him any satisfaction? Is there any justice in his revenge? Is human punishment the solution? How does Edmond change throughout the story?
6.2.1 In which character can you find unrequited love? Why do you think this happens? Does this 'love' triumph? That is, is there any marriage? Is this marriage successful? What is the consequence or where does it lead to? What role does Edmond play here? / What about romance throughout the story? Is there any? Which are the couples? Is it what you expected? Do all the stories have a 'happy ending'?
6.3.1 Which characters are jealous of Edmond? Why are they resentful? What is the origin of this hatred? What do they do as a consequence of this jealousy? Do they get what they want? Are they satisfied and at peace? How do they end up?
7 REMEMBER! Everything should be written down and properly presented on a folder.
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