VCE Unit 2 Communication mindmap

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Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Business Management Mind Map on VCE Unit 2 Communication mindmap, created by tiffanigrollo99 on 11/10/2015.

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VCE Unit 2 Communication mindmap
  1. communication methods
    1. VERBAL- written
      1. A: permanent record of message, more time to proof information
        1. D: forgery is possible, feedback is slow
        2. VERBAL- oral
          1. A: feedback is immediate, quick and accurate
            1. D: no permanent record is kept, confusion can occur with large amounts of information
            2. NON-VERBAL- body language
              1. A: universally understood, reinforces oral message
                1. D: can be misinterpreted, can give contradicting messages
                2. NON-VERBAL- visual
                  1. D: can cause confusion, not much information is included
                    1. A: easy to remember, gains attetntion
                  2. the communication process
                    1. 1. PRODUCE A MESSAGE
                      1. what is the purpose of the message? what method of communication will be used?
                      2. 2. DECODE
                        1. will the message have the same meaning for everyone? (affected by age, attitude, culture etc.)
                        2. 3. FEEDBACK
                          1. has the message intended been received? what feedback has been given?
                        3. internal communication
                          1. formal communication (official channels)
                            1. TOP DOWN
                              1. involves messages sent from the senior partners down to lower members of the business
                              2. BOTTOM UP
                                1. when messages start from lower members of the business and flow up to senior management
                                2. SIDEWAYS
                                  1. employees operating at the same level exchange information
                                3. informal communication (unofficial channels)
                                  1. GRAPEVINE
                                    1. 'office gossip,' employees sharing information through word of mouth
                                4. external communication
                                  1. suppliers
                                    1. developing and maintaining contact
                                    2. customers
                                      1. with use of physical and symbolic messages
                                    3. communication barrier
                                      1. hearing but not listening
                                        1. language
                                          1. filtering
                                            1. information overload
                                              1. perception
                                                1. attitude
                                                  1. the competing environment
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