Roald Dahl

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Roald Dahl
  1. Life
    1. Born on September 13th in Llandaff, South Wales, 1916
      1. During his scolarisation he received maltreatment
        1. His parents were Norwegian
          1. He took a job in a Shell Oil Company in Tanzania
            1. The same year, 1939 he joined the Royal Air Force
              1. He crash-landed in Alexandria, Egypt, and left him serious injuries
            2. He married the actress Patricia Neal
              1. He died on November 23th in Oxford, England, 1990
              2. Main Books
                1. Matilda
                  1. They follow a common path
                    1. Original Argument
                      1. Bizarre Characters
                        1. Breathtaking endings
                      2. Charlie and the Chocolat Factory
                        1. Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator
                            1. 13 million copies have been sold around the world
                              1. It has been translated in 32 languages
                            2. Main Awards
                              1. The Edgar Allan Poe
                                1. The British Book Award
                                2. Curiosities
                                  1. He loved chocolate
                                    1. He always wroted on yellow paper and used a pencil
                                      1. He didn't start to write children's novels until he had kids
                                        1. He participated in the famous film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
                                        2. The Museum
                                          1. It's located in Buckinghamshire
                                            1. Is where Dahl lived during 36 years
                                              1. It opened the 10th June 2005
                                                1. The story behind the stories
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