Operating System

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An operating system is software installed on a computer that manages the hardware devices

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Operating System
  1. Windows
    1. Single user, single task operating systems
      1. Linux
        1. Tux
        2. Garbage
          1. Compaitability
            1. Storage
              1. Colours
              2. Apple
                1. Single user, multi tasking Operating Systems
                  1. Multi user operation systems
                    1. Keeps records of all processing
                      1. Deadlock
                        1. Priotority
                          1. Apple half
                          2. Boots the computer
                            1. Provides file managment
                              1. Handles system resources
                                1. Device managment
                                  1. Mascots
                                2. Performs basic computer tasks
                                  1. Provides a user interface
                                  2. Application interface
                                    1. Real time operating systems
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