Communication Applications

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A Levels IT Mind Map on Communication Applications, created by jonnyburnett5 on 11/29/2013.

Created by jonnyburnett5 almost 6 years ago
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Communication Applications
1 Fax
1.1 Advantages: inexpensive, simple to use, exact copies, any time as long as its on
1.2 Disadvantages: dial wrong number, could be busy, poor quality, long time to transmit
2 Email
2.1 Advantages: very easy, free, quick, don't have to be present, sent any time, attachments, group
2.2 Disadvantages: Need hardware, email address, change email address, spam, waste time, not read it, viruses
3 Conferencing
3.1 Disadvantages: needs hardware/software, fast data link is needed, delays, time zones, camera limited
3.2 Advantages: no need to spend time/money travelling to meetings, many different people, view things at the same time, ideas/knowledge can be communicated quick
4 Instant Messaging
4.1 Advantages: very quick/instant
4.2 Disadvantages: no time to reflect, adverts/popups, anyone can send messages

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