Where I Live

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Where I Live
1 Community & Buildings
1.1 Ballymena
1.1.1 Village of Galgorm Play park Garden Centre Ladybirds Nursery Golf Club
2 My Home from Home.....'Home is Where the Heart Is'
2.1 Growing Up - Treasured Childhood Days/Memories
2.1.1 Porstewart Time Passing Now & Then- Historical photographs alongside 'now' Same location (Beach) as changes through seasons/time of day Tourist Attractions Home What it IS to me... Papa's Garden, fairytale setting, picking fruit 'Danger' sign on Beach (childhood), body boarding,, running home in bare feet, crab fishing Vintage toys, vinyl records,
2.1.2 Sligo Scenery Ben Bulben, Knocknarea, Rosses Pt, Cockle Strand Important to me Wedding Family Strandhill
3 Inspirational Quotes About Life
3.1 Song Lyrics
3.1.1 "I know a place that will take you away"........" This is Our house where the melodies play"
3.2 Pinterest board
4 From someone else's perspective
4.1 My two year old daughter
4.1.1 Roleplaying , imaginative play Play house , kitchen , cardboard box shop etc..
4.1.2 Perspectives - how she views everything ie. accentuating size from various viewpoints
4.2 Others' Inspirational Homes
4.2.1 The Garden across the Road
4.2.2 The White Hare
5 Animal Habitats
5.1 Darren's Farm
5.1.1 Pigs, Turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, cows
5.2 Zoo
5.3 Pets or Minibeasts (Lorna's)
5.3.1 rats, snakes, lamb, budgies, dogs, cats, cows, spiders etc
6 Living with a Chronic Illness
6.1 Living 'The Little Things'
6.1.1 Clouds & Rainbows - Finding Flashes of Colour in a 'Grey' Life Clouds (Black and White Photographs) Feeling Poorly LImitations tears Time moving slowly Rainbows (Bright ,happy colourful photographs) Laughter family Friends Helping Others cuddles Being Outdoors sunshine Hobbies
6.1.2 My Life in Pictures Photographs on a Gallery Wall turning into real life moments (video snippets)
7 Poster Ideas - Advertising something that I do in my life
7.1 Interior Decor - Upcycling Furniture
7.2 Therapies
7.2.1 Reflexology
7.2.2 Kinesiology
7.2.3 Graded Exercise Therapy
7.2.4 Nutritional Eating Plans
7.3 Coffee with Friends
7.4 Photography
7.5 Art & craft
7.5.1 Children's Story book Illustrations
7.5.2 Painting and making 'things'
7.5.3 Creative Videos Incorporating art
7.6 Teaching /Tutoring
7.7 Watching films & listening to Music
8 Where I work
8.1 Broughshane
8.1.1 Broughshane Primary School
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