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Decide By Steve McClatchy


Book notes for book club.
Kelly Dowell
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Kelly Dowell
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Decide By Steve McClatchy
  1. Chapter 1: Two Forms of Human Motivation
    1. Gain
      1. Gives you focus & direction
        1. Never Urgent
          1. You don't have to complete it
            1. Cannot be delegated
              1. Leaders make things better
              2. Prevent Pain
                1. Never go away, only repeat
                  1. Instinctive: Prompts us to what we have to do
                    1. Managers maintain status quo
                  2. Chapter 2: Avoid Burnout & Create Balance
                    1. Balance
                      1. There is no quantitative measure
                        1. Feels like satisfaction with where you are and where you're going in life
                          1. Unique to each individual
                            1. Best achieved by continually seeking improvement
                            2. Burnout
                              1. Happens when only Prevent Pain is pursued
                                1. Feels like a rut: the absence of life getting better
                                  1. Goals are the ticket out
                                2. Chapter 3: Prioritizing Tasks In Relation to Results
                                  1. Old Way of Prioritizing
                                    1. Based on Urgency / Deadlines
                                      1. Please no one
                                        1. Low level task never changes giving illusion of productivity over time
                                          1. Never achieve gain tasks
                                        2. New Way of Prioritizing
                                          1. Based on Results / Outcomes
                                            1. A = Gain Tasks
                                              1. Results: Goals, Leadership, Improvement
                                              2. B = Recorded Prevent Pain Tasks
                                                1. Results: Important maintenance responsibilities
                                                2. C = Prevent Pain Tasks
                                                  1. Results = Maintenance
                                            2. Chapter 4: Energy & Motivation
                                              1. Motivation of Desire
                                                1. Consumption
                                                  1. Creation
                                                  2. Motivation of Fear
                                                    1. Endorphins
                                                      1. Dopamines
                                                        1. Procrastination
                                                          1. Benefits
                                                            1. Energy
                                                              1. Focus
                                                                1. Speed
                                                                  1. Less Effort
                                                                  2. Problems
                                                                    1. Stress
                                                                      1. Lower Quality
                                                                        1. Less Control & Convenience
                                                                  3. Chapter 5: Understanding the Value of Time
                                                                    1. Where Our Time Goes
                                                                      1. Habits
                                                                        1. Should work for you not against you
                                                                          1. Be aware of amount of time
                                                                          2. To-Do List
                                                                            1. Maintenance tasks to not forget
                                                                            2. Calendar
                                                                              1. Schedule Gain Appointments
                                                                                1. Time specific events should be defended or rescheduled
                                                                            3. Chapter 6: Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planning
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