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A Night Divided


Quarter Two BP on the book A Night Divided.
grace miller
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grace miller
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A Night Divided
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Problem: Gerta and her brother Fritz start digging a tunnel to get under the Berlin wall and over to West Berlin, but when the Grenzers (Police) become suspicious of Gerta and her brother, they have to start digging faster and faster before the Grenzers take Fritz to join them.
      1. Cause: Gerta's father and brother, Dominic, were staying in West Berlin the night that the wall went up. Gerta was walking on her way to school one day and saw her father on a platform on the other side of the wall. Her father, Aldous, was doing a dance that they did as a kid and was motioning to dig and kept doing that for a couple of days. Greta got in trouble one day for watching the wall so she wasn't aloud to stare at the wall anymore like she used to. One day, Gerta got a letter from her friend Anna. The letter was a picture of an old store and Gerta assumed that was where she was supposed to dig. She started digging there with the help of her brother but since there was so much mud, she had to disguise the mud inside her bed sheets and wash them in the pond nearby. The grenzers then got suspicious of them and even one of the Grenzers learned their secret but kept it as long as he could come with.
      2. Characters
        1. Katherina
          1. Helpful
            1. Wise
            2. Fritz
              1. Amiable
                1. Caring
                2. Gerta
                  1. Freethinking
                    1. Gallant
                  2. Theme
                    1. How it is shown in story: It is shown in the story because even though Gerta is a young teen in the story she still dug a tunnel underground just to get the freedom the she wanted and no matter how hard the work is and how long it may take, she never gives up.
                      1. Theme/ Message: Never Give Up
                      2. Setting
                        1. Place/Location: East Berlin
                          1. 1961-1965
                          2. By: Grace Miller
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