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1 Definitions of play
1.1 No definition for play
1.2 People accept the discription of:
1.2.1 Garvey (1977,1991) Pleasurable,Motivated, unproductive,spontaneos, freely chosen by the player and actively engaging.
1.2.2 Smidt (2010) In a context,culture,a family and a community Solving problem they have set themself Exploring and experiencing that intrest/concern them Always purposeful for child
2 Types of play (Parten 1932)
2.1 Onlooker behavior,
2.1.1 Solitary Parrallel Associative Cooperative
3 Free flow play (Bruce,1991,2006)
3.1 Active product without a product
3.1.1 Motivated No presusure Imaginative,creative,supposing Using previous firsthand experiences/developskills Solitary/partnership Bring together learning,feeling and understanding
4 Therosist such as Smidt (2009), Hudges (2010) and Smith (2010) agree on 8 characterostics.
4.1 Meaningful, Active,, Pleasurable,Voluntary.Rule-Governed, Episodic, Flexible and Symbolic
5 Play differs according to: context,culture,gender, development, age, and Socio-economic status
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