writing: report


How to write a report
Maria Minkowitsch
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Maria Minkowitsch
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writing: report
  1. content
    1. facts about situation, project, etc
      1. target group = decision maker, boss, teacher etc
        1. register/vocabulary has to be chosen accordingly
        2. close = recommendation/summary
        3. layout and structure
          1. introduction: what? why? for whom?
            1. one paragraph per bullet point (TOPIC SENTENCE)
              1. short conclusion/closing paragraph = summary or recommendation)
                1. data
                  1. recipient's address
                    1. sender's address
                      1. place, date
                        1. subject line
                        2. salutation
                          1. salutation for ending the text
                            1. name
                            2. vocab
                              1. varied = use synonyms
                                1. register = businesslike
                                  1. use linguee for harder phrases
                                    1. no abbreviations (e.g.: don't, let's, etc)
                                    2. check spelling
                                    3. grammar
                                      1. varied = use different structures
                                        1. gr(rp): use reported speech
                                          1. gr(if): use if sentences
                                            1. gr(comp): use comparisons
                                            2. choose certain structures while planning each paragraph
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