Equipment list

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Equipment list
  1. Digital video camera
    1. USE: the camera will be the fundamental piece of equipment when filming our music videos, it will allow for high definition shots and the creation of an authentic looking vend product
    2. Tripod
      1. USE:The tripod will be used to create smooth shots such as panning shots and to hold the camera steady whilst filming so we can prevent shaky shots
      2. Lighting
        1. USE:In order to create the 'shadows' we need to have a light source that is strong enough to create our desired effect, we will use a lamp or a spotlight to do this
        2. Mobile phone
          1. USE: we need a source to play our chosen track from, because of our difficult filming location bringing a cd player would not be easy we need a mobile that is portable to bring around with us
          2. SD memory card
            1. USE: this card will be used to store all of our footage from filming, it will then be used to upload our footage onto the computer in order to edit
            2. Computer
              1. USE: The computer will be used to load our footage onto and keep it safe whilst filming as well as keep it in one place so that we don't lose footage
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