Searching Algorithms

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Searching Algorithms
1 Linear searching
1.1 A linearsearch strts at one end of data collection, Working its way to the other, Examining each data item in the collection order
1.2 Advantages
1.2.1 The only option for searching unsortes data.
1.3 Disadvantages
1.3.1 Would take a long time to search large data structure
2 Binary search
2.1 A linear search becomes more time-consuming as the data structre comes larger.It is a much quicker algorithm wich only works if Data is sorted.
2.2 Advantages
2.2.1 Far faster and more efficent than a linear search
2.3 Disadvantages
2.3.1 Requires data to be sorted, If the data is not sorted the Binary would not work.
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