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Mapa mental de Bases de datos
Tatiana Lizarazo
Mind Map by Tatiana Lizarazo, updated more than 1 year ago
Tatiana Lizarazo
Created by Tatiana Lizarazo over 6 years ago

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  1. Currently companies are in need of databases covering only the specific needs of each job
    1. The database in cloud are emerging
      1. They offer highly scalable options for central environments
        1. They have high capacity available
          1. supports access devices and applications
            1. They require little maintenance
              1. They are high security
                1. Unattached to a central data environment
              2. Today are used the relational database (traditional systems) as well as the growing NoSQL databases, NewSQL, memory databases and databases in the cloud
                1. The choice of setting a database depends on the work done
                2. Even so the relational databases remain the most implemented according to studies is the Microsoft SQL Server Database Manager system most widely used in business world
                  1. Relational Databases
                    1. basic business functions
                      1. transaction processing
                      2. industrial-class databases
                        1. functions—payments
                          1. billing
                            1. tracking receipts
                              1. deliverables
                                1. payables
                                2. Each type of work requires a different database to meet your needs
                                  1. They must be fast
                                    1. Easy to use
                                      1. manageable
                                        1. intuitive
                                        2. They are emerging innovative databases that supply not only the needs already covered by relational databases but will also offer new benefits as evidence profitable banks for experimentation with data sets.
                                          1. They represent only a small additional cost to the companies that want to implement
                                          2. Companies apply not only databases that cover basic needs such as easy implementation and viable cost, necessary aspect is based on maintaining the security of the information they handle therefore the Database Manager System and the database type implement data to be one that is as safe as a rock-Solid
                                            1. Realizado por: Tatiana Paola Lizarazo Cañón
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