Changes in communities

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Changes in communities
  1. Birth Rate and Death Rate:
    1. Birth Rate: number of births in a population.
      1. Death rate: number of deaths in a given time period
      2. Immigration: New members join the population.
        1. Migration: Members leave the population.
        2. Primary Succession:
          1. The series of changes that occurs in an area where no soil or organisms exist.
          2. Secondary Succession
            1. The series of changes that occurs in an area where the ecosystem has been disturbed.
            2. Limiting Factors:
              1. Climate: Because of temperature or rainfall, because there are some species that don't support so much cold to leave so they die.
                1. Space: Because there are some species that need an especipic amount of space, and if they have less of what they need they will die.
                  1. Food and water: Because if there is not so much water or food the species will die because they don't hydratate or eat food.
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