Student Assessments

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student assessments

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Student Assessments
  1. Diagnostic
    1. provide instructors with students' prior knowledge and baseline understanding
      1. provide an opportunity to determine if students remember the concepts they need
        1. can be unreliable
          1. summative of previous material; short quiz on readiness skills
        2. Formative
          1. allow teachers to check for student understanding during lessons
            1. not graded; less anxiety to get it right; practice to get help before test
              1. sacrifice of time; lack of mastery
                1. graphic organizers; summarization
              2. Summative
                1. test that evaluates the student's comprehension of material learned
                  1. provide motivation to students; great insight for teachers
                    1. not always most accurate; teaching to tests
                      1. statewide tests; college entrance exam; end of year exams
                    2. Performance-Based
                      1. active and authentic demonstration of student knowledge; students perform tasks to show knowledge
                        1. more detailed; both summative/formative; mastery of content
                          1. random/systematic scoring; difficult to design; less efficient; more time consuming
                            1. write essay; solve problem; project
                          2. High Stakes
                            1. standardized achievement tests
                              1. public access; helps teacher plan lessons for kids' needs
                                1. increased pressure on teachers and students; lack of complete education
                                  1. scantron; PAARC
                                2. Portfolio
                                  1. ongoing assessment of student work
                                    1. ongoing; ungraded; formative; teacher input
                                      1. labor intensive process
                                        1. writing portfolio
                                      2. Authentic
                                        1. directly examine student performance on worthy intellectual tasks, present the student with tasks found in the best instructional activities and real life and determine whether the student can craft polished, thorough and justifiable answers, performances or products.
                                          1. relevancy to teaching; students are active participants
                                            1. difficult to determine validity and reliability
                                              1. group project; collaborative work
                                            2. Self or Peer
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