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Being an Intentional Teacher


Self Serving Project
Sami Battye
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Sami Battye
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Being an Intentional Teacher
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. How do I determine if the reading levels are adequate for the child's learning?
      1. Running Records
        1. Keep a file of all previous running records
          1. Use the Running Records to determine
            1. Accuracy
              1. 99-100% accuracy the reading is too easy
                1. 0-94% reading is too difficult
                  1. 95-98% accuracy the reading is just right
                  2. Strategies the reader uses for unfamiliar words
                    1. Meaning
                      1. Structure
                        1. Visual
                        2. how children are using what the know to get to the message of the text
                        3. Informational assessment of oral reading in a familiar book, with checkmarks for words read correctly, miscue notes for errors, and analysis
                          1. Knowledge of the Child's pre-knowledge
                            1. Known words
                              1. Sight words
                                1. Fluency
                                2. Words to fluency
                                  1. Re-reads
                                3. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
                                  1. How can students be engaged in creative activities that also coincides with the standards and the curriculum?
                                    1. A teacher can be creative in a variety of ways including
                                      1. Elkoin Boxes
                                        1. A teacher can conduct sound boxes with:
                                          1. Shaving Creme
                                            1. Magnetic tiles
                                      2. What are the goals for each learner?
                                        1. Fluency
                                          1. Reading with automatic word recognition
                                            1. Takes place when most or all words in a text are in the readers sight vocabulary
                                        2. How much does a teacher record? What's too little? What's too much?
                                          1. In my experience, nothing is too much recoding
                                            1. Be organized and date Running records and observations
                                          2. Knowledge of Diversity
                                            1. What is language acquisition?
                                              1. Definition: The process in which children acquire the captivity to comprehend language and to produce and use words and sentences
                                                1. When a child enters a classroom they already have
                                                  1. Different cultural backgrounds through
                                                    1. Families
                                                      1. Nature of the child
                                                        1. Nurture
                                                          1. Meaning a child's previous experiences about reading and writing
                                                    2. Help build through
                                                      1. Reading and writing activities that are engaging
                                                        1. re-reads
                                                          1. Developing sight words
                                                            1. Journaling and cut up stories
                                                              1. Building a child's vocabulary and fluency
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