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Being an Intentional Teacher


CTRD self study project
Ashley Shaffer
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Ashley Shaffer
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Being an Intentional Teacher
  1. Knowledge of Content
    1. What all do the children know prior to coming to my class?
      1. All children have different experiences and learn different things before coming to school.
        1. No preschool
          1. Stay at home mom
            1. Nanny
            2. Preschool
              1. Pre-K
                1. Daycare
                  1. Mother's Day Out
                2. Many things can influence what a child knows prior to grade school.
                  1. background
                    1. living situation
                      1. Single parent
                        1. Cousins/relatives living with them
                          1. Neighborhood
                          2. culture
                          3. To find out what all a child knows, a teacher can give a pre-assessment at the beginning of the year.
                            1. Observation Survey
                              1. Concepts About Print
                                1. Phonological Awareness
                                  1. Letter Knowledge
                                    1. Word Knowledge
                                    2. Running Records
                                      1. Oral vocabulary
                                2. Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
                                  1. How do you determine what learning level each child is on?
                                    1. It is also important to figure out which way each child learns best. If you can figure this out, the children will learn much better and be more motivated to learn.
                                      1. To find out what reading level a child is on, a teacher can give a running record.
                                        1. The teacher can analyze the running record for the percent accuracy.
                                          1. Based on the percentage, the teacher will know what the child's reading level is.
                                          2. The running record can tell a teacher much more than just the reading level.
                                            1. Which information cues they are using
                                              1. Structure
                                                1. Visual
                                                  1. Meaning
                                                  2. Sight words
                                                    1. Self correction ratio
                                                    2. It is important to take an initial assessment at the beginning of the year, and also continue to assess as the year progresses.
                                                        1. Assessments help gauge if a student is progressing in the necessary areas.
                                                          1. If the assessment shows that the child is behind in any area, the teacher can modify her teaching strategy to help the child.
                                                      1. Knowledge of Diversity
                                                        1. How do I create lessons that teach to all children in a respectful way?
                                                          1. It is important to treat all children respectfully.
                                                            1. Give each child what they need to succeed
                                                              1. Don't have favorites
                                                                1. Treat the "troublemakers" with the same respect as every other child.
                                                                2. Make sure you are speaking in a way that is supportive
                                                                  1. Praise partially correct
                                                                    1. Don't shame or critique
                                                                      1. Speak in calm tones, don't yell
                                                                      2. Regulate your words
                                                                        1. Choose words that encourage the child to learn for himself, not just to please others
                                                                        2. Cater to the way each child learns.
                                                                          1. Visual Learners
                                                                            1. Learn by seeing.
                                                                              1. Graphics
                                                                                1. Video
                                                                              2. Auditory Learners
                                                                                1. Learn by hearing
                                                                                  1. Listening to stories
                                                                                    1. Repeating things to themselves
                                                                                  2. Kinesthetic Learners
                                                                                    1. Learn by touch
                                                                                      1. Hands-on
                                                                                        1. Writing things down
                                                                                      2. Embrace Individuality
                                                                                        1. One activity I really liked was shown in a video in Dr. Durham's class. The teacher had several natural colored paints at the front of the classroom. The paints were labeled names like 'mahogany,' 'peach,' and 'cinnamon.' Each child would take a turn to be at the front of the room and the teacher spread different paints onto the child's hand to figure out their true skin color.
                                                                                          1. Activities like this put importance on the children's individuality.
                                                                                            1. This shows that it is okay to be different.
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