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Believing in God


GCSE RE Mind Map on Believing in God, created by lucy Perkins on 11/16/2015.
lucy Perkins
Mind Map by lucy Perkins, updated more than 1 year ago
lucy Perkins
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Believing in God
  1. Religious Upbringings
    1. Attend Church/Catholic School
      1. Take Children to church on sundays
        1. Listen to parents talk about faith and religion.
        2. Religious Experiences
          1. Numinous
            1. Giving birth
            2. Miracles
              1. Jesus walking on water
              2. Conversion
                1. God is telling you what to beieve in - communicating with God
                2. Prayers
                  1. God answered many of moses prayers
                3. Design and Causation
                  1. Design
                    1. Argument to prove that God exists, relies on idea that all things with purpose have a desginer
                      1. If God is the designer of the world then he must exist
                        1. If there is a God, then who designed God?
                          1. Natural things which don't benefit humans at all
                            1. Could be designed by many Gods
                            2. Plenty of evidence that world has been designed- laws of science, DNA
                            3. Causation
                              1. Everything in the universe has a cause
                                1. Mathematical ideas of infinity mean there doesnt have to be a beginning
                                  1. Surely God would need a cause?
                                    1. Something might not need to have a cause
                                    2. First cause of universe must be omnipotent
                                      1. First cause of universe must be God
                                    3. Scientific Explanations of the World
                                      1. Big Bang, Oscillating Universe, Steady State
                                        1. Christian Responses
                                          1. God started the Big Bang
                                            1. Only God could have made sure that world was made as beautiful as it is
                                              1. Scientific theories are only ideas, they have not been proven
                                                1. Scientific explanations are wrong, biblical one is correct
                                              2. Unanswered Prayers
                                                1. How it can lead to agnosticism
                                                  1. God can't be all-good and ignore prayers
                                                    1. God can't be all-powerful and not be able to answer everyones prayers
                                                      1. God would respond to prayers of people that believed in him
                                                      2. Christian Responses
                                                        1. Answer prayers just not in the way expected
                                                          1. Life would be chaos if God gave everyone everything they asked for
                                                            1. Prayer has to agree with what God wants for humanity, can't go against will of God
                                                          2. Evil and Suffering
                                                            1. If God is all knowing, he will know natural evil causes suffering
                                                              1. If God is all powerful, he is able to stop natural evil
                                                                1. If God was all good he would want to stop natural evil, but natural evil still happens
                                                                  1. God does know that evil occurs, doesn't have power or doesn't want to stop, meaning God doesn't exist.
                                                                    1. Christian Responses
                                                                      1. God gave people free will, they choose to do wrong
                                                                        1. Evil and suffering gives people a chance to do good deeds so that people can become better
                                                                          1. People never know what Gods reasons are for allowing evil. Humans aren't as all-knowing and perfect as God
                                                                        2. Programmes affecting belief in God
                                                                          1. Use notes in book
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