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Essay 3 - Jacob
1 KQ - To what extent does the knower’s perspective play a role in the pursuit of knowledge in math and art?
1.1 Things to address in the essay: •What is the knower’s perspective? •Does its value depend on the area of knowledge? •Does its presence stem from the way of knowing? •Examine it by maybe comparing two areas and two ways to conclude as to its important in the pursuit of knowledge
1.2 Intro
1.2.1 Perspective: knower’s personal values, judgements and assumptions about an area of knowledge or a specific point of view or attitude towards something. Personal knowledge is knowledge which is personal to an individual. These claims cannot be justified as they are mainly more subjective than objective and are usually gained from experiences. Shared knowledge is a collection of commonly accepted claims in a society.
1.3 Claim 1
1.3.1 In Mathematics, the knower’s perspective does not hinder the pursuit of knowledge as the conclusion deduced is arrived at using axiomatic logic. Euclidean geometery
1.3.2 Counter 1 However, on the other hand, the knower’s personal beliefs influence the pursuit of knowledge by determining the way of knowing undertaken. Imagination is an example of one such way of knowing. Two methods same problem
1.4 Claim 2
1.4.1 In the arts, cultural patterns can impact objectivity. Culture and society inspires an artist’s perspectives and personal bias, which further influences the artist’s work. Dada? Andy Warhole Consumerism Counter 2 In contrast to this, in some cases, culture does not influence an artist’s perspective to the extent that it reflects in his work. Programmatic vs absolute music Hyperrealism
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