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Adrian Final Essay


Adrian Final TOK Essay mind map: How i started on my final tok essay and how i developed my essay.
Adrian Bruck
Mind Map by Adrian Bruck, updated more than 1 year ago
Adrian Bruck
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Adrian Final Essay
  1. My question of for the Final Essay is question 1 which is “In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing.” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.
    1. Introduction: First step is to explain the statement made. The main important words in the statements are: Gaining knowledge, Network of WOK, Discuss. After words to explaining how i will analyse the statement made. And how i will evaluate it.
      1. My main areas of knowledge will be focusing on Art and Mathematics.And my main ways of knowing will be Reason and Sensory perception.
        1. I will first start by creating a link between the area of knowledge of Math and the way of knowing of Reason using Logic as well as Math and Sencory perception. Then i will look at math and a different way of knowing. The next step is to do the same for the area of knowledge of art and the way of knowing of perception using sensory perception and Logic.
          1. I will look at the ways of knowing of emotion and language in art.And Math and Language and emotion. And show how these WOKs can be applied in Art and Math. At last i will talk about Logic.
            1. This will lead me to my conclusion were i will make my concluding points.And restate the thesis.To evaluate the statement.
              1. Bibliography under the conclusion i will add my bibliography were i put all my sources i used in MLA format
                1. Things i might change
                  1. Decrease number of words
                    1. Improving my essay by using my teachers feedback
                2. For language i will use the American poet Robert Forst as an example and talk about his poem " The Road Not Taken"
                  1. In Logic i will look at the american artist Bathsheba Grossman and how she applied mathematical logic into her art.
                    1. By emotion i will look at how sensory perception and emotions is one way of creating art.My example will be Edwrad Munch art work " The scream"
                  2. AOK / WOK
                    1. WOK
                      1. Sensory Perception
                        1. Logic
                          1. Language
                            1. Emotion
                            2. AOK
                              1. Math
                                1. Art
                                  1. I chose math and art as my area of knowledge because art and math are good areas of knowledge which can contrast each other very well. Since art can use math and math can also apple art.
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