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Mind Map on customer profile, created by sam byrne on 11/17/2015.
sam byrne
Mind Map by sam byrne, updated more than 1 year ago
sam byrne
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  1. Lifestyle
    1. they have no beliefs
      1. they are vegitarian
        1. there income is middle
          1. low (10-20k)
            1. middle(22-35k)
              1. high (45k)
          2. sustainability
            1. they own some new modern tables and orniments but their new flat is pretty empty .
              1. They have a nice bed and a joint wardrobe but they need more furniture he has a Mercedes SLK and she has a ford focus .
              2. recycling is important to them because they dont want to destry animal habbitats .
              3. Friends and family
                1. They are friendly but dont like nights out very often and the girl always used to have coffie mornings with her friends .
                  1. NO
                  2. No they have all moved out
                  3. social media
                    1. they are on facebook twitter and instagram
                      1. yeah if they are busy if not they go in person
                      2. social life
                        1. the man and women both got to the gym
                          1. they go for a meal tand to watch a film every friday .
                          2. style
                            1. They have a very modern taste in furniture but they likie old aswell because they yhave a big old recalimed oak wardrobe
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